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Oct 24, 2023

Issue with AOM IP Address Configuration on BIG-IP r2600

Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble setting the AOM IP address on my BIG-IP r2600 using the front touch panel. Even after inputting the IP and hitting "commit", it reverts back to ""

Has anyone come across this or have any suggestions to fix it? Your insights would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Additionally, I tried setting the AOM IP through the serial console AOM menu (ESC + '(' menu). While it appears to accept and set the IP address on the menu, I still can't communicate using that IP.

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        Update on my situation:

        After connecting a LAN cable to the Mgmt port and setting the IP through the serial console via 'ESC+(', I was able to successfully configure the IP. Thank you for your guidance.

        However, I'm still facing issues with SSH login. From online resources, it seems that for newer i-Series models, there isn't a default AOM account, and one has to be created using the aom_setup_user command. But I couldn't find this command in either the root shell or admin shell for the r2600.

        Is there a different approach for the r-series models? Any insights would be highly appreciated.

        Note: I haven't registered the license and deployed the tenant yet.