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Jan 30, 2019

Issue when I creating Rule in Policy

Hi folks, when I try to save a Rule in a policy LTM show this error message: An error occurred: Object doesn't support property or method 'assign'


I have LTM version BIG-IP v14.0.0.3 (Build 0.0.4)


In othe system whith version BIG-IP v13.1.0.6 (Build 0.0.3) I can create the same rule and it works well.


Please your helps Regars


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  • May be in upper version doesn't have object lower version Method/functions. Support case is the best option. :)


  • Thanks I apened a f5 case but before, I deleted some policies and rules and then I was able to create new policies and rules. Now is working fine. This is answer from F5 support: Looks fine I think that maybe the other Drafts has some errors and was stuck in the code, and when you deleted the errors has been deleted also. So your policy looks fine and I suppose that is working as expected.