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Apr 28, 2023

Is there a setting for content length in F5? and is there a file size setting on F5 that can go thro

hi everyone

I have a question from a customer where is the case in their application, there is a feature to get the slik file from the cbas service. the shipment was in base64 form. when I tried to hit the cbas service via postman for a file size of around 3.8MB, it worked in about 2 minutes, when from the application side that had already deployed in the application, it got a timeout, so from the customer asking whether there is a setting in F5 regarding content length? and is the file sent not in base64 or html form and only sending round files, is there a file size setting in F5 that can pass F5?



note : on F5 Device we don't have ASM Module yet so is there any other way besides using ASM module

Thank You