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Jun 11, 2012

irule to select from multiple pools?

Can you select a pool based on what comes after the fqdn? For instance



For UAT Site - (/blah1 goes to application 1) (/blah2 goes to application 2) (/blah2 goes to application 3)



where /blah1 goes to application 1 which is in pool 1


and /blah2 goes to application 2 which is in pool 2


and /blah3 goes to application 3 which is in pool 3


and so on?


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  • Hi Shawn,



    You can do this with a switch statement or if you have a lot (dozens or more) mappings, you could create a string data group with directory to pool mappings as name=value pairs and then use the class command to perform the lookup.



    See the switch and class command pages for details:






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    Like Hoolio says all you need to do is base to class lookup or switch on HTTP::uri. This will be even thing after the fqdn.