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Nov 08, 2010

irule to redirect in HTTPS to avoid bad certificate warning

We have a wild card certificate:




Some of our sites have two FQDN:




Is it possible to redirect to before the ssl certificate handshake by using a wild card certificate?



The problem we are running into, someone enters:, the cert doesn't match our wildcard certificate and it throws an error in the web browser. We would like to redirect them to so the certificate works.



Would following SOL6823 address this problem (without creating an iRule)? If an iRule is needed, what would it look like?








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  • Unfortunately, the SSL exchange has to happen before you can see clear text to trigger the redirect. You either need to use a different host name like "" so your * cert is usable, or you need to create a Virtual Server for using a * or cert.
  • Chris is exactly correct on this. Another possible option would be to get a UCC cert which is valid for specific hostnames that all resolve to the same IP. I believe you could get a single cert valid for and I don't know whether you can get a combination UCC and wildcard cert though.