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May 04, 2012

irule to pop up a window then continue to page

We have a request to grab all traffic coming in to a specific URI, pop a window up with a message for about 15 seconds then continue to the page. The specific page/application is going away and they want to use this to educate users each time they go to the page. So the message would be about the page being retired on X date. I have been reading about doing redirection but haven't seen anything that would let you code to pop up a message window. Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Lynda,



    You could send an HTTP response using HTTP::respond with a meta-refresh:





  • This logic will fire only on the first access to a site during the session, then get out of the way for the remainder of the session. Something like this is what you're likely going to need to do:

    when RULE_INIT {
        set static::refresh_time 15
    set static::notification_page {
    System Notification
    System Notification
    This is an important announcement. You may need to take some sort of action, or no
    action at all. It is important that you read this entirely. If some sort of action is
    needed, then do it. Otherwise do nothing. That is all.
    Wait $static::refresh_time seconds to continue, or click 
    when HTTP_REQUEST  {
    if { (not [HTTP::cookie exists NotificationDone]) } {
    HTTP::respond 200 content [subst $static::notification_page] Mime-Type "text/html" Set-Cookie "NotificationDone=1; path=/; domain=.[HTTP::host]"
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      Joel thank you ....This is perfect.
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      I know this is an older one now but I am using this to tell users that our page has moved and that they have until June 1 to update bookmarks. I am actually trying to use it on 4 different virtual servers but for some reason if I make a change to any one of the 4 irules (they each have a specific url to redirect to) then the F5 seems to cache the last irule and uses the same one for all 4 VS's.


      Any clue as to why it would do that?