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Jan 21, 2012

irule to icmp remote monitor to mark pool offline?

Hi all,



I'm new to this and trying to figure out if its possible to make an irule monitor a remote resource (checking to see if something beyond a firewall in internet is up really) and if the monitor can't get to it marks the pool offline.



any help greatly appreciated





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  • unsure if I'm explaining it good enough but I need to monitor something on the outside of the vlan the node/pool is in, in other words, really client side. I need to be able to mark a pool offline if I am unable to get to an address on the internet. any help very appreciated
  • You can set up a monitor with an alias destination IP and optionally port. If you assign that to the pool, the pool will be marked up/down based on the availability of the remote IP:port you've specified in the alias section of the monitor.