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This archive contains the DevCentral wiki for

Note: and do not render the raw dash-feed:// links in this list. use the [dash feed] links to redirect to the proper URL. does not guarantee these URLs will remain the same, so use sane precautions.

captured in 22 March 2017.

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These docsets are compatible with docset readers such as:

for Mac, Kapeli Dash for Windows, Velocity for Linux, Zeal


Once you have your docset reader of choice installed, simply unpack the docsets and follow your reader's documentation for loading local files. I recommend adding both the Tcl 8.4 docset as they can be very useful to have to hand.


Click on each link in the list of available docsets to add the docset feed to your Dash. Go to the Downloads tab and download each docset you're interested in.

Tip: you can customise the shortcuts for Dash docsets by opening Dash, going into preferences (

) then in the docset tab double-clicking the shortcut column or selecting a docset and pressing
Edit Keyword


Download all the

files from
to your PC.

Navigate to Add/Download Docsets, select XCode, then press Import. Open each

you're interested in to add to Velocity.


These docsets are created for convenience and offline use. They are fast, searchable resources covering the DevCentral API documentation for various F5 technologies.

The docsets I personally use are the ones that see the most love, iRules, iApps and iControlREST.

I only periodically update the docsets, typically when major changes appear in DevCentral. While feedback is very welcome, and changes may be included in future versions, this is not my day-job, and is not at all managed by the DevCentral team.

Your milage may vary, particularly in city use versus highway.

These docsets are only tested by me on my Mac using Dash, though they get a lot of use there.


The contents of this file are subject to the "END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR F5 Software Development Kit for iControl"; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. The License is included in the iControl Software Development Kit.

Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing rights and limitations under the License.

The Original Code is iControl Code and related documentation distributed by F5.

The Initial Developer of the Original Code is F5 Networks, Inc. Seattle, WA, USA. Portions created by F5 are Copyright (C) 1996-2017 F5 Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved. iControl (TM) is a registered trademark of F5 Networks, Inc.

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Updated Jun 06, 2023
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  • Hi Its not very clear to me. I downloaded velocity and downloaded tcl. I can search the tcl database offline now. How do I download the links above? All the links on this page are broken... Where is supposed to go to?


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    Historic F5 Account

    As it says in the note just below them


    Note: and do not render the raw dash-feed:// links in this list. use the [dash feed] links to redirect to the proper URL. does not guarantee these URLs will remain the same, so use sane precautions.


    You need to use the (dash feed) links via tinyurl as neither github nor devcentral render the dash-feed://... urls correctly. If you look at the markdown in the source you can see the correct URLs.