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Feb 27, 2022

iRule script not working when request from iOS but work with android

Hello ,

I have an issue with iRule when request from iOS application, I have 2 virtual server in F5 every virtual server have iRule script on it .
First virtual server have irule script that check request and convert it to JSON format, Second virtual server get original request and work on it.
i have checked capture for the request between 2 virtual server and data is sent correctly ,but when print data in second virtual server, it print it as empty value.

i have no idea why Android is working fine, iOS version is 15.2.
please advise , any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance 

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  • Hello BMM,

    Without information on the irule, it's hard to help you. 

    Anyhow, you can check the statistics of your irule to see if the events that are matched by the traffic, maybe you could spot a difference between IOS and Android.




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      Hello Sam ,
      I have two LXWorkspaces :
      First LXWorkspaces have iRule and extension , First iRule on first virtual server : 

      First Ext: 

      Second iRule:

      Second extension :


      when i add any logs or print request on second iRule , it always empty only in iOS scenario.