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Dec 08, 2021

iRule Redirect with URL Masking



Can someone please tell me if it is possible to achieve the scenario I am trying to accomplish using iRule?


We are currently using a SaaS-based application which has a weird URL and it is not easy to remember (e.g. What I am looking to achieve is that when a user enters the URL https://mytestsite, it should be able to redirect to the SaaS-based application without changing the URL in the address bar. It should stay mytestsite.

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  • You can use proxypass iRule to achieve this. Please take a look at below discussion


  • If you don't want to change the url mytest, you can use apm and add the saas based url as portal

  • Yes. You don't need to give port in client URL, users can access  https://mytestsite. I hope you own the domain for  mytestsite and VIP for it is configured on your F5. You would need to create a fqdn pool for the destination "" , port 10020 and map this to the mystestsite VIP. F5 will do the port translation. Use proxypass iRule mentioned in the above discussion to rewrite HOST header. Hope this helps.

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    Mytestsite is just an entry in our internal DNS mapped to an IP address.

  • well, then you would need to bring it on F5 to use F5 features.