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Mar 29, 2011

iRule performs 100x slower under load



I have an iRule (BIGIP v9.4.8) whose HTTP_REQUEST timing performance drops by 100x when under load. How can I diagnose what's happening? Under what conditions can an iRule slow down (in terms of cycles/request) when there's more significant traffic (200-1000 HTTP requests per second)?


HTTP_REQUEST performance in a development environment (BIG IP 3400 w/ v9.4.8) ran with timing stats of roughly 1,000,000 cycles/request average and 10,000,000 cycles/request max. By commenting out pieces of code, we found that 90% of that time is spent on decrypting cookies. According to the "F5DevCentral_iRulesRuntimeCalculator" (see "Evaluating iRule Performance") the 10^6 cycles only represent 357 microseconds. No big deal. The max of 10^7 is a little worry but is still only 3.5 milliseconds.


"b rule show all" output from developer environment (BIG IP v9.4.8, BIG IP 3400)


+-> HTTP_REQUEST   7252 total   0 fail   0 abort
|   |     Cycles (min, avg, max) = (46052, 838937, 9343832)
+-> HTTP_RESPONSE   7079 total   0 fail   0 abort
|   |     Cycles (min, avg, max) = (34872, 849654, 9031528)


When we deploy this rule into production (BIG IP v9.4.8, BIG IP 3400), the performance falls off a cliff:


+-> HTTP_REQUEST   4530 total  2 fail  0 abort
|   |      Cycles (min, avg, max) = (239321, 103.3M, 200.0M)
+-> HTTP_RESPONSE   4406 total  8 fail  0 abort
|   |      Cycles (min, avg, max) = (390987, 132.1M, 197.9M)


(Note: the 7252 requests in DEV were from an entire day of testing where the 4530 requests in prod came from only a couple of minutes.)



We've done fairly comprehensive comparisons between dev and production and I don't see any significant configuration differences. The CPU is about 30% busy. The memory (through 'top') is running at 50% (of 2GB). This box, like the dev box, serves a large of virtual servers but under greater load.


I've gone through the "Ten Steps to iRules Optimization" and the "Evaluating iRule Performance" documents linked to from here: SOL11769. However, I haven't yet found info that would explain the timing behavior differences between dev and prod.


From other posts on DEVCENTRAL, I've found the 'tmctl' and 'b memory' commands to see if I have a memory leak.


Commenting out sections of the iRule step by step in the development environment, reseting statistics and re-exercising the rule, I can account for all of the "cycles" seen in the DEV environment. But there is a 100x slow down when the rule is facing heavier traffic in production. What tricks do you know to figure out why?


Thanks for your time,


-- Chris


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