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Jun 29, 2012

IRule http redirect https

I need help here. When I access the pool member ip from web brower directly, I can see the page (https//poolmemeberIP).



When I apply the irule as shown below to redirect http to https from the virtual server and try to access the page (), it did not show up.





HTTP::redirect ]





From command terminal, I run b conn all show. Below is the resut.



clientIP:ariliamulti <-> virtualserverIP:http <-> any6 tcp 1/0


clientIP:rdc-wh-eos <-> virtualserverIP:https <-> any6 tcp 1/1



I did the test by creating another virtual server with service port https and access it with https://virtual serverIP, the page did not show up as well.



Is the irule working properly? How to trobleshoot from here?



Thank you for prompt reply.







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