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Apr 24, 2024

iRule help masking IBM host URL/URI

I have a customer who has a contract with IBM that is requiring that we hide the internal URL/URI paths.

When users go to the following URL/URI: the same host redirects them to the login URL/URI page: HTTP 302, 301 and 200 occur are viewed when I run HTTP watch.

What the contract is requiring is that clients should use a much simpler URL: while masking the two lengthy paths previously displayed.

We created the and the server pool, which contains the IP for host All URLs are HTTPS, therefore, I have already created the HTTP Profile and SSL profile. 

In the past I was able to mask the destination with HTTP::header replace...etc.. In this situation it is not working with the replace. I am not sure if I should create an iRule to redirect(client side) and a rewrite for masking the HTTP Response header. ???? Help is greatly appreciated.

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