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Jun 28, 2021

Irule for hostname change from external to internal



On the DMZ F5 need to change the hostname while sending to backend server or loadbalancer as below in the diagram. (external) --> DMZ F5 --> (internal) (external) --> DMZ F5 --> (internal)


Is it possible achieve this via irule? If yes, appreciate your help on this.


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  • Hi  ,

    Does your backend/internal URLs are pointed to IP addresses of backend server or LB IPs? If yes, then you can simply use the FQDN type node in the pool and add backend FQDN node as a pool member. Just need to make sure that those FQDNs should resolve IPs on the DMZ F5.


    If backend/internal URLs are not pointed to the IP addresses of backend server or LB IPs and you want DMZ F5 to send server side request to those internal URLs, you can try rewrite profiles.


  • Hello Mayur, Thanks for your inputs on this. Since DNS server is reachable from F5, I added FQDN node as pool member. Now waiting for application team's response.. I will keep you update on this.🙂