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Nov 08, 2010

iRule for caching

dear All,


I am new for iRule, i have a LTM setup that is load balancing the proxy pool (Proxy1,Proxy2,Proxy3) When one user access the youtube video through proxy2 and the another user accessing the same video but the traffice should go to proxy2 only because of caching... i hope you understand my needs... i want i rule for caching for the above setup...


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  • Hi Moorthy,



    CARP hashing should work well for this:



    SOL11362: Overview of the CARP hash algorithm




  • Hi Hoolio,


    Thanks for your reply, Just can you give me the sample iRule for that.





  • The iRule is in the solution I linked to:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
       persist hash [HTTP::uri]

  • Hi Moorthy



    Sorry for that question but I'm just wondering.


    You have loadbalanced proxies for your users right?



    They can surf arround youtube during business hours?




    Kind regards


  • Apt comment based on your username :D Some people are treated like adults when they're working... :)