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Feb 28, 2023

Iquery connection with translation address

Hi All,

I need some help to understand the iquery connection to translation address . For example 

Address :

Transalation address

F5 will initiate the traffic to or , As my understanding F5 device initiate the traffic to to establish the iquery.

But on the device i could see F5 initiate the traffic to translation address.

is there any document to refer which destination iquery mesh will connect when translation address.

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  • Your understanding is correct. This behavior is documented here:

    Did you run the bigip_add command after configuring the BIG-IP as a server object? That is required for iQuery to behave properly. What version of TMOS are you running?

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      Version is 14.1.x , I could see the iquery traffic to translation address .

      But when i run the command show gtm iquery ,it connected with actual server address not translate address .