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Aug 31, 2011

IPv6 noerror response status

So i was trying write a little script which looks at the state of the ipv6 no error response and makes all the wideip's that have it disabled, switch it to enabled. The thing is the object i get back from [tmsh::get_config /gtm wideip $name ipv6-no-error-response] I can't seem to do anything with. I was hoping i could pass it into the tmsh::get_field_values or something. Then based on this i could create a list of wideip's which would need the ipv6 noerror response enabled.




If all else fails i think i can just use tmsh::modify to go after each wideip and set the value of the ipv6 noerror response to enabled, and even if it is already enabled it won't matter. I haven't tested that out completely yet though.




thanks everyone.




snippet of what i was playing with...




proc script::run {} {




foreach {wideip} [tmsh::get_config /gtm wideip] {


set name [tmsh::get_name $wideip]


set ipv6 [tmsh::get_config /gtm wideip $name ipv6-no-error-response]


puts $ipv6






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