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May 01, 2011

iPhone and Firepass 1010 v6.0.1



Firstly, I am extremely green so apologies in advance for causing any frustration or appearing ignorant (I am...) Any help would be really appreciated.


I have followed the instructions to get activesync setup for my firepass 1010 v6 here -



The questions i have are


1) Generally speaking my users connect using RSA, that is the only master group I have setup. Do I need to create another one for activesync?



2) I have an SSL cert already configured on the webservice that we use to connect to the device for network access using RSA. It looks like it should be sufficient? Do I need to create another webservice with a different SSL and use the default master group (or another group..) for use with ActiveSync?



3)Anything else Im missing... I notice that the kb solution states " •Identical usernames and passwords for ActiveSync users on both the FirePass controller and the Exchange server, or the ActiveSync users' master groups configured to use external users, authenticating to the Active Directory for the Exchange server" is this saying i dont have to have a different master group if I can somehow get usernames and passwords loaded on the firepass? I keep thinking that my RSA group is going to be affected if i mess with those settings, but I also feel like Im opening a can of worms if I start messing with the default group settings and allowing access through that



Anyway, Thanks for the help all.






PS if i do need an SSL cert, I have one purchased... I have no idea how and with what to generate the CSR from the CA auth... so if youre not quite done being entertained, there is always the opportunity to help with this!



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  • No, you don't have to have a seperate web service but you do have to create a new URI as explained in sol7812.html. However, you need to do basic AD authentication if you choose to do activesync. You can't use RSA as it is a one time password and activesync is constantly checking user credentials.