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Sep 12, 2019

iPad cert based auth not working

Has anyone here recently experienced an issue with cert based auth with iPads?  


I have configured LTM v13.1.1 with CBA via the client SSL profile, it’s working fine with iPhones, Edge & Chrome browsers with Win10 clients etc, only iPads have an issue.  Issue appears to be related to iPads running v12.x onwards. 


Certs are being deployed via MDM, an iPad with v11.x was working ok until upgraded to v12.4.1 Also tested on beta IOS v13 today with same outcome. Clicking on link with auth using x509 cert results in page cannot be displayed SSL error.


No client cert auth prompt is displayed.


Anyone else?

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  • Hi,

    did you check LTM logs during the failled auth.

    maybe you have a specific errors.

    you can also my irule in order to see what happening, maybe you will have more details:

    enable only " client_cert 1"

    array set app_arrway_referer {
        client_dest_ip_port 0
        client_cert  1
        http_request 0
        http_request_release 0
        http_request_payload 0
        http_lb_selected 0
        http_response 0
        http_response_release 0
        http_response_payload 0
        http_time_process 0

    Keep me in touch.