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Jan 24, 2011

IP forwarding VIP




I have a question regarding a small difference in a virtual configuration between version 9.4 and 10.2.




We have a wildcard VIP that is using the fastl4 profile. We recently upgraded and I was curious as to what this difference means. What is specified by the 'all' variable?






virtual ip_forwarding {




profiles fastL4











virtual ip_forwarding {




profiles fastL4 {











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  • Hi Bob,

    I assume the virtual server still passed traffic that way. I haven't seen that 'all\ property before for a FastL4 VS. For most virtual server types, you can specify some profiles apply to clientside or serverside connections. However, with a forwarding VS, there isn't an option for serverside as LTM isn't brokering two separate connections.

    I added that virtual definition to a test LTM and loaded the config. The running config shows a more standard syntax:

     b virtual ip_forwarding list
    virtual ip_forwarding {
       destination any:any
       vlans external enable

    And after saving the config back to file, it's written that typical way as well. So I think this is just cosmetic.