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Jun 09, 2011

Internal Class with key-value pairs - manage through iRule Editor?

Based on this article I created a class in bigip.conf as follows:



class str_testclass {




"str1" { "value 1" }


"str2" { "value 2" }









However, when I pull up that class in the iRule editor (Data Group Editor) only the keys are shown and not the values.




Is this a shortcoming of the iRule Editor?


3 Replies

  • it is a limitation in the iRule editor currently to view keys only. Joe is working on an update for this.
  • slight correction...the key/value pairs are visible/editable in the configurations downloaded by the iRule editor, but not yet in the datagroup dialog window.
  • Joe has released the source for the iRule Editor so anyone (who can code better than me :) could update it to support viewing/editing the datagroup values.