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Nov 25, 2020

Integration HA BIG-IP with Kubernetes on flannel

Hi All,

We are integrating F5 with Kubernetes. There are documents available to integrate a standalone F5 with plain vanila Kubernetes (no openshift) but there is no documentation for configuring HA BIG-IP active/standby pair in Kubernetes.


Based on my experience with Kubernetes on vxlan network Kubernetes does not support floating IPs and for each node there is a fix pod cidr. So when we add two BIG-IP nodes each BIG-IP node should have a different pod cidr. So logically with plain Kubernetes support of BIGIP HA seems very difficult until F5 has done some customization in Kubernetes to support HA BIGIP.


What will happen to deployments with HA BIGIP who wanted to migrate to Kubernetes ?

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