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Mar 07, 2011

Integrating EC2 public cloud for CDN using GTM

We are trying to enable a CDN service using our private cloud, but want to augment capacity using EC2. I want to limit session concurrency for HTTPS get requests into of our 2 data centers to 100 concurrent connections each, then have connection requests 201 to infinity redirected to resources in amazon behind a routable IP there. I figure I need to define a new data center called ec2 and define a virtual server there. I would then configure a Wide-IP with the two VIPs in our private cloud and the one VIP in Ec2 as the pool assignment. I can then create session concurrency limitations in the two private VIPs and none for Ec2 possibly. My confusion is what load balancing mode would provide the most elegant solution. Would I use VS capacity mode? Do I really need an i-rule to accomplish the intended balancing? I think I may be over thinking this....



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  • Interesting. You could put them all in the same pool and use priority to only send connections to the ec2 vip when the 100 connection level is hit on each of the vips in your datacenters.