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Feb 17, 2023

Integrate Microsoft authenticator app in BIP IP APM


i have F5 ssl -vpn with AD authentication ,but i need to include microsoft authentication (azure MFA app) in same ssl vpn 

can one guide me to complete this setup in f5 

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      hi denisg

      thanks for your response , but MSFT MFA auth server is depriciated , its moved to cloud , how to i deploy below 

      setup with Azure MFA mobile app for authentioncation.

      Start->Logon page->AD Auth--> Successful -->  Azure MFA-> Advanced resource assign -> Allow / Deny


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      hi boneyar

      Appreciate your response, but my requirement is that. Need to connect my F5 ssl vpn once AD authenticated – Azure MFA need to prompt azure authenticator app to connect my access’s

      do we get any links to configure for below 

      Start->Logon page->AD Authà Successful à Azure MFA-à Advanced resource assign à Allow / Deny




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        No, I don't believe you are going to get what you want exactly. With my route you would do AD authentication, then do Azure AD authentication and then get the Authenticator app prompt.

        With Google authenticator you are able to do something like you describe:

        Microsoft authenticator doesn't work standalone like that it seems, it is tied to Azure AD.

        Or you must be able to show how to trigger Microsoft Authenticator without going through Azure AD Enterprise app or that RADIUS solution.

        Then it becomes a Microsoft Authenticator question first and we can look how BIG-IP can hook into that.