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Sep 26, 2011

Installing a hotfix


We have installed a hotfix recently however i noticed that there are multiple boot locations, some of which still display the old hotfix number.




So do i need to install the hotfix on every boot location?


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  • Hi Luca,



    It can be useful to install a hotfix on a second slot and leave the original slot as is in case you want to quickly revert back to the old instance. Once you're confident the hotfix is valid, you could go back and install it on other slots. Each slot runs independently of the other(s) though so you don't have to do this to use the hotfix.



  • Ok thanks for that.



    And you can only install a hotfix to a location this is currently inactive right?
  • Yes, that's correct.



    The way i generally go about installing hotfix's or any updates, is to install it to an inactive partition, boot to that partition (so that your actually running the hotfix) and then test that everything is working fine.