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Apr 22, 2012

Installation of LTM VE on VMWare

Hi All,



Any one can help me out in installation of LTM VE (Trail version of 90 days) in VMWare machine, as when I tried I got the below mentioned two issues.



1. While I am trying to download the LTM VE it shows the below error message where as I received the serial key in my inbox.



"Export Compliance Check - Failure We are sorry, but your requested download is not authorized at this time due to U.S. export restrictions. We suggest you contact your F5 sales representative or Customer Support for further assistance. Please have your serial number, company information and related purchasing information available when you contact F5. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience". Regards, F5 Networks, Inc.



2. I am using Windows Vista 32 bit, but to install the below mentioned Type 1 Hypervisor, the machine format should be of 64 bit. Whereas I cannot install type 2 hypervisor, cause it won’t support Windows Vista machine.



•Type 1 Hypervisor (VMware ESX Server v4 and VMware ESXi v4) requires 10GB disk space and at least 1GB memory.


•Type 2 Hypervisor (VMware Workstation v7) requires 10GB disk space and at least 1GB memory. We support Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 systems and the system requirements recommended by Microsoft for those respective Operating Systems.



Any one can please suggest the best solution bases on this scenario so that I can go for my practice. In advance thanks to all.


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  • Hi Mohammed,



    You might find it simpler to get a dedicated host to run VMware ESXi on bare metal and then install the latest 10.2.x or 11.1.x LTM ISO. You can ask your F5 or partner SE for a lab edition evaluation key to test with.



  • I'm running into the same export compliance check - failure when I attempt to download the LTM VE .ova file.


  • I believe the export restriction has something to do with the export of cryptography mechanisms from the US. I concur with Hoolio that it may be easier for you to install the ISO directly instead of using the (rather dated) trial edition. Granted there's probably some grey area between export of fully deployed instance and trial license and an ISO and a trial key from an F5 representative, but it may be your only option. Take a look at this thread for installing the ISO on Workstation, which will be similar to the ESX install.



  • I'm running into the same export compliance check - failure when I attempt to download the LTM VE .ova file.


    if you are not from restricted countries, please take note the date, time, login name and open a support case. i have seen an issue which some ip was incorrectly blocked.


  • I am getting same error when trying to download BIG IP f5 LTM v 10.1 trail VE...Have sent many mails to and, but no reply.


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      I even did tht too...they simply said I cant open a case for trail version.