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May 30, 2003

Inconsistency in API?

This is mostly a nitpick, feel free to ignore.



The ITCMLocalLB.VirtualServer.delete_virtual_server call


takes a ITCMCommon.IPPortDefinitionSequence, rather then


ITCMCommon.IPPortDefinition. Not sure why this is, although as


a convenience function it makes sense. However, I would suggest


to either name it delete_virtual_servers, or change the call


to not take a sequence.



I also think it would be nice to add the ability to delete multiple


instances to pools, rules, proxies, etc.

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  • It would be nice to see in the docs what the behaviour is when I try to delete


    20 virtual servers and the last one fails. Does it try to roll-back?



    Aaah, the joys of someone with no clue!
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    Currently, not. But we're aware of this, and this is one of the bug reports that we'll address in the future.