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May 17, 2012

IISv6 Metabase to Compression Profile - how?

I have searched DevCentral and AskF5 for details on this, but haven't had luck, so I'm wondering if the community can help.



Converting IIS6 servers into IIS7.5 (finally!) I find that it presents an opportunity to move compression onto the LTM (currently on version 11.1HF2). While I understand how to create a profile, it's the details on which I'm stuck. I'll likely begin with a parent of a wan-compression_profile unless that raises red flags with any of you all.



If this is my IISv6 metabase, below, would I convert these into the _URI section_ of a new profile, or the _content list_ section -- and if content list, are these roughly Mime-Type equivalents?



IISv6 Metabase
















HcFileExtensions="htm html xml css txt rdf js"


HcScriptFileExtensions=”asp dll exe aspx asmx”


HcPriority=”10” //for Deflate Only


HcPriority=”1” //for GZIP Only





URI LISt section:















application/x-silverlight-app, etc.





Would I have to take each of the file extensions and translate them into what appears to be Mime-Types, or may I simply leave these in the URI section like above? (And if URIs, are they global wildcards, or must they be the last item in the URI?)



Thanks in advance for any help you can give,


-Stuck in IISv6v
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