HTTP Profile WAN Optimized Compression

Problem this snippet solves:

This is a custom HTTP profile which optimizes HTTP traffic for a Wide Area Network environment with KeepAlives and Compression (no Caching).

It enables compression buffer with settings to enable fast compression of all data, and inclusion of some data that typically would not be compressed.

With OneConnect transformations enabled, LTM transforms "Connection: Close" headers in client-side requests to "X-Cnection: Close" headers on the server side, allowing the BIG-IP LTM to make eligible for connection reuse any client requests containing the "Connection: Close" header (i.e. HTTP/1.0 requests).

(This profile is included as a standard profile in LTM 9.4.)

Code :

profile http http-wan-optimized-compression {
    defaults from http
    oneconnect transformations enable
    compress enable
    compress buffer size 131072
    compress vary header enable
    compress http 1.0 enable
    compress gzip memory level 16k
    compress gzip window size 64k
    compress gzip level 1
    response unchunk
Published Mar 12, 2015
Version 1.0

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