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Dec 01, 2020

if-index differences


Can someone please help?

Should the configuration of both halves of a F5 HA cluster have the same if-index value when I look at the running configuration?

Some network statements (see below) are identical on both halves, others have a differing if-index values

net vlan VLAN888 {

  if-index 960

  interfaces {

    Core_Net {

      tag-mode service




  tag 888


Is this an issue for the networks where there is a difference?

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  • net config elements are part of base config, and are specific to the device - they are not synced. These elements need to match functionally between the members of a device group.


    if-index is administrative, not functional, so there is no requirement to match. It just reflects that the elements were created in a different order between the members, and data can be accessed via different if-indexes using SNMP.