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Feb 06, 2012


Hello folks,



Wondering *why* the iConfig-documented iControl:System.ConfigSync.synchronize_configuration() method does not support the advertised 'sync_flag' value of 'CONFIGSYNC_BASIC'...



When I tried using a 'sync_flag' argument of 'CONFIGSTNC_BASIC', I got:



SOAP-ENV:Server :Exception caught in System::urn:iControl:System/ConfigSync::synchronize_configuration() Exception: Common::OperationFailed primary_error_code : 16908289 (0x01020001) secondary_error_code : 0 error_string : Error synchronizing configuration: 012e0049:3: The requested command (config sync min) is no longer supported.



~ snovakov

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  • From the documentation:


    Note: This method has been deprecated, because syncing has changed radically with the Centralized Management Infrastructure feature. Please use synchronize_to_group_v2 and synchronize_from_group instead. This method now finds all the device groups of which the local device is a member, and runs synchronize_to_group on those groups. It does not support the sync_flag anymore -- that flag is now ignored. Synchronizes the configurations between the two devices in a redundant system. In the case of cache devices, synchronizes the configurations across the cluster.


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      We don't have HA group enabled and use F5 v10.0. I was able to get past the error by passing 'CONFIGSYNC_ALL' instead of 'CONFIGSYNC_BASIC'. 'CONFIGSYNC_BASIC' is not supported anymore.