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Dec 02, 2011

iControl SDK Version 11.1




Where is the iControl SDK Version 11.1 ? What iControl SDK is compatible with V11 ?



Thank you


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  • Wow, have you already installed v11.1? I usually give it a week or so after a release before pushing out the updated SDK.



    I've got most of the components packaged, but need to work in importing the 300 or so new methods into the wiki before I put out the client libraries. I have builds for all the components, just was wanting until I could get them into the wiki first.



    What specifically were you looking for? I could get you some early access the client libraries if you want to take a look. Just realize the API references aren't public yet.





  • Joe,



    I have few ASM iControl scripts and they do not work with v11.1. I am mostly interested in ASM methods.



    Thank you.


  • I've updated the wiki with the new additions to the APIs for v11.1. To see a list of what's been added, you can check out the what's new topic at



    For downloads of the offline SDK, you can get them on the F5Downloads page in the iControl wiki at



    and if you want the client binaries for .net or java, you can find the link to them at the bottom of the previous link.



    Sorry for the delay on this...







  • If you mean your BIG-IP when you refer to "v11.1 device", then no. It has, as part of the distribution, all of the APIs implemented on there.