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Nov 06, 2021

iControl or script to get dynamic route from F5



I currently use F5 with dynamic routing (Learn BGP dynamic route from neighbor router).


Problem is sometimes router can't send me route and all dynamic route is gone. (we got downtimes and there is no alert to us)


Do we have iControl script or any script command to get route list from F5 ? I only know tmsh command to get dynamic route.


So there will be alert to us when routing have a problem.


Thank you

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  • Hello Kridsana.

    You can catch any bash command from a F5 using iControl REST.

    curl -sku admin -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"command\":\"run\", \"utilCmdArgs\": \"-c 'tmsh show net route'\"}" https://localhost/mgmt/tm/util/bash | jq