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Mar 14, 2012

iControl Guru Question




I've used the F5 BigIP 'iControl' API pretty extensively and have only run into one issue that I have not been able to resolve.


I have a pretty good idea that the issue isn't with 'iControl', but rather the F5 BigIP appliance that I am utilizing for some testing that I've been doing.



In particular, the 'iControl' method I'm having an issue with is the:








There are 9 config files (that I am aware of) on an F5 BigIP appliance.


I can get 7 of them with no problem. But 2 of them, at the appliance locations:








The error that I'm able to glean from repeated attempts at downloading these 2 files using the System.ConfigSync.download_configuration() method says:



Exception: Common::OperationFailed primary_error_code : 16908289 (0x01020001) secondary_error_code : 0 error_string : Error opening file for read operations



I have investigated this ‘16908289’ error code via Google. As far as I can tell, it’s indicating that a file lock is ‘taken’ by something and the API call cannot even read the file without that lock being ‘free’.



My user acct on the BigIP appliance has full-on permissions (like 'root' for Unix/Linux), so I doubt it has anything to do with permissions.



Am using iControl v10.2.0 (Perl) API.


By the way, I'm using the download_configuration() method in a way that downloads files in 'one fell swoop' (i.e. not using all of that fancy 'chunk_size' rigamarole with loops, etc.)...using a rather large 'chunk_size':



my $soapResponse = $session->download_file(


SOAP::Data->name(file_name => $filename),


SOAP::Data->name(chunk_size => $chunk_size_val),


SOAP::Data->name(file_offset => 0)







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  • By the way, I cannot attend today's 'iControl Guru' panel discussion as my employer BLOCKS the site that I need to use to do so.


    Can somebody please post any replies to this question here?
  • snovakov, sorry you couldn't view the live stream. Is it UStream that your employer blocks?



    As for your question, the problem is that the iControl Portal is running under the file system protection of selinux that controls file access to various processes. We have an inclusion list for the iControl Portal but it seems the /defaults and /usr/share/monitors directories aren't in the access list for that process.



    I'm not sure what needs to change to add that to the inclusion list. This might have to be something for you to bring up with to support as I believe the solution is BIG-IP version dependent.



    I'll forward to PD for more feedback...





  • Thank you very much for the reply, Joe.


    I look forward to 'hearing' any feedback from Product Development.



    ~ snovakov