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Jul 13, 2011

iControl Force Member offline

The following sample code works well at disabling a pool member, but the member goes into the normal Drain type mode, keeping exisiting connectins, blocking new; I need to code the option to Force Offline



// Disable the Session for the Member


LocalLBPoolMemberMemberSessionState[][] session_states = new LocalLBPoolMemberMemberSessionState[1][];



session_states[0] = new LocalLBPoolMemberMemberSessionState[1]; session_states[0][0] = new LocalLBPoolMemberMemberSessionState();


session_states[0][0].member = new CommonIPPortDefinition();


session_states[0][0].member = memberIpPort; session_states[0][0].session_state = CommonEnabledState.STATE_DISABLED;


F5Connection.LocalLBPoolMember.set_session_enabled_state(new string[] { poolName }, session_states);



Looking at the PowerShell implemention this looks possible, i just dont know which method to use?



Set-F5.LTMPoolMemberState : You must specify a State value of "Enabled", "Disabled", or "Offline"



any ideas?


thanks guys