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Sep 30, 2011

iControl and Partitions

Since basic virtualization with Route Domains is possible, we found out that configuration via the WebGUI works smoothest with Partition (means each Route Domain gets its own Partition).


Based on that if we are using any iControl script we need first jump into the correct Partition. This so far is not a problem using the "set_active_partition"-command.


But if I then start to modify the configuration e.g. toggle a poolmember everything seems to be mixed up.


For example I made some modification to the "Toggle Poolmember" Perl-Script, if I run it with only the poolname and the correct partition name, I get the poolmember displayed with the correct %RD-ID attached. Changing the enable state is also working fine ones.


But after this the poolmembers are displayed without the %RD-ID. Even all other pools in that Route Domain haven't the %RD-ID attached to its poolmembers. Switching between the different Route Domains also doesn't help (the other Route Domains will be displayed correctly, only the modified one not).


If I then connect to the BIG-IP with a different user, then everything is fine again in all Route Domains. And even if I reconnect with the first user still everything looks correct.



My Question is now, is there something more I need to add to the script other than the "set_active_partition"-command? How is iControl working with the Partition context?


Your help is really appreciated!!!



Ciao Stefan :)


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  • Hi Stefan, I haven't done a lot with partitions but have tested that creating objects after setting the active partition does create them in a different partition. I'm somewhat limited on the platforms that I can test on so this might be an issue with the version you are running. Theoretically, you should just have to call set_active_partition once per session and then all subsequent calls "should" act only on objects in that partition.