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Jan 23, 2011

Icontrol- using Microsoft Active Perl

Hello Every1,



I am newbie to the icontrol and programming field ( i am from a network security backgroud )



i am fascinated by what the icontrol is capable of doing and want to get my hands dirty on it



i thout i will use active perl ( microsoft ) to interface icontrol with f5



basically i want to give enable/disable permissions to end users to pool members ( main experiment )



to start with , can some1 point me to some links were i can achieve this



i have installed active perl , SOAP lite module , perl package manager , stumped to as towhat is next



any pointers in the right direction helps !





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  • i had it working , i used the code from the code sharing section


    and executed the command perl https admin xxxxx



    it gave me the pool's configured on my VE LTM


    am so happy , now i need to read the code and understand what it means and how i can adjust to what i need



    F5 devcentral code sharing website rocks !





  • Hey Roger, glad you got things working. Sorry for not getting to you quicker on this but it seems you figured it out for yourself. If you are using perl, make sure you check out all the perl samples we have in the codeshare





    Let us know if you get stuck with your development and we'll see what we can do to help you out.








  • Thanks Joe , I'll keep workin on them


    thanks for your guidance