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Aug 01, 2023

iApp F5-Automated-backup on 15.1.7

Hi folks, We try to use iApp F5-Automated-backup on F5 BIG-IP v15.1.7 ( Everything works fine (see the log below) but UCS was not copy on re...
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    Aug 02, 2023

    Hi JRahm,

    Digging more on remote server and the audit log, we found that when the remote copy (SCP) is running, iApp changed the path and add a dot . at the beginning of the path 🤔

    type=EXECVE msg=audit(1690960028.843:897): argc=3 a0="scp" a1="-t" a2="./f5-backup"

    We removed the dot . in BACKUPDIRECTOR iApp section, updated iApp and it's finaly works 😊

    BACKUPDIRECTORY/${fname_noext}BACKUPFILENAMEEXTENSION_WITHDOT* \${username}@\${server}:./\${directory} 2>> /var/tmp/scriptd.out\n\tscp_result=\$?\n\trm -f /var/tmp/TMSHAPPNAME_scp.key\n\treturn \$scp_result\n}\n\nscp_function" > $scriptfile