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    Please try below and let us know how it goes


    1) Create SSL Client profile with allowing Non-SSL Connections ( You need to modify default config)


    2) Create VIP with 8872 port and use SSL client profile


    3) Configure below iRule


    when HTTP_REQUEST {


    if { [URI::protocol [HTTP::uri]] eq "http" } {


    HTTP::redirect https://[getfield [HTTP::host] ":" 1]:[TCP::local_port][HTTP::uri] }




  • I think Mohammed.Moin is maybe just asking how to create an HTTPS VIP on a custom (not port 443) VIP.


    If that's the case, there's nothing you really need to do differently, other than simply changing the listening port in the VIP configuration. Just change it from 443 to 8872.


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      Would that require a HTTP profile? I noticied that if I apply a http profile, the VIP failes to open


      1) with http profile,no ssl client and no ssl server profiles does not open and shows error "This site can't be reached"

      2) with no http profile,no ssl client and no ssl server profiles opens as "notsecure"


      When we would need http profile? Would we need it only if we have client ssl and server ssl profiles?