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Apr 12, 2012

[HTTP::header values Set-Cookie] splits on : in header values




I'm trying to store HTTP header values for the Set-Cookie header in a list. In most cases this works fine but the problem appers when the header value contains a ":".



Example iRule:


set set_cookies "[HTTP::header values Set-Cookie]"


log local0. "Original Cookie values - $set_cookies"



Example log from iRule:


Apr 12 12:10:56 tmm tmm[1560]: Rule rule_FilterHTTPResponse : Original Cookie values - JSESSIONID-dittnav=0000PYawfWLeE0fOc3lfzkuSyE0 {16bun91t8; HTTPOnly; Path=/; Secure}



When I look at the JSESSIONID-dittnav in Firefox its value looks like this "0000PYawfWLeE0fOc3lfzkuSyE0:16bun91t8".



It seems like a problem with the HTTP::header values command or am I wrong? On this BigIP I'm running 9.4.3 of the OS.



Looking forward to some expert answers.



Best regards


Terje Gravvold


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  • Hi Terje,



    See this post for details: