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Aug 17, 2011

HTTP::cookie insert name 1cookie value 2 path "/" domain $domain

Hi,dear irule


when HTTP::request


{set domain [domain [HTTP::host] 2]}



when HTTP::response




HTTP::cookie insert name 1_cookie value "2" path "/" domain $domain






with this irule,we suppose hostname is


I send request to VIP


and the situation is:


first :broswer received cookie 1_cookie from bigip and domain is ""(why isn't is


second:I continue to open page in broswer,it send this 1_cookie to vip now with domain ""





I am confused


I check this via http fox on firefox


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  • Hi Jucao,



    The domain on cookies should start with a leading period. Can you change this line and retest:



    set domain ".[domain [HTTP::host] 2]"



  • Hi,thanks,Aaron


    even I change it to .[domain [HTTP::host]2]


    the phenomenon is the same as before



    receive cookie with domain


    then send cookie with domain



  • Just some basic checks, clear browser cookies between tests or it will re-present a cookie from before. In the incoming response from the F5 is it presenting one 1_cookie or two. If you have a persistence profile assigned to the VIP you may be doubling up on cookies.



    Kevin (Jarvil)


  • Hi,Kevin


    I have cleared the cookie


    it is the same ,no persistence profile
  • Can you try testing with curl on LTM to see if the cookie is being set correctly? You can use something like this:



    curl -v -H "Host:"



    You can check the Set-Cookie header in the response to see if the cookie is being set. If that works, then I'd try opening a case with F5 Support and ask them to review your HttpFox logs.



  • Hi,Aaron


    BTW:can you tell me how to check cookie which is send via curl command



    I want to check if I receive "< Set-Cookie: BigipABurl_cookie=2;path=/;;",which cookie will be sent(this cookie is session based)


    yes,via curl,if I set domain ".[domain [HTTP::host] 2]",it will receive "< Set-Cookie: BigipABurl_cookie=2;path=/;;"


    if I set domain "[domain [HTTP::host] 2]" ,it will receive "< Set-Cookie: BigipABurl_cookie=2;path=/;;"


    it seems there are some problem in http fox
  • I want to know whether it affect the cookie which is sent,if both of them are"",it is ok
  • OK,the problem is when you check cookie tab on http fox of Firefox,you will see,but in the“header” tab,it is still " " or ""


    I want to know whether "" affect the fuction of this cookie,it seems it can send this cookie to