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Apr 28, 2021

HTTP/2 only on client side

Hello Folks,


I've a question regarding to HTTP/2 on client side connections (HTTP/2 Profile (Server) -> none).


If I try to enable both "oneconnect" and "HTTP MRF Router" I get ...


Error mcpd[5774]: 01070734:3: Configuration error: Profile(s) found on /<partition>/<virtual server name> that are not allowed: Only (TCP Profile, ClientSSL Profile, ServerSSL Profile, HTTP Profile, HTTP2 Profile, HTTP Compression Profile, HTTP Router Profile) -> K81313105:


K81313105 -> disable "HTTP MRF Router".

Does it mean WebSocket traffic is possible again?



What I actually want to get at: What's the best practice for only HTTP/2 client-side connections? (HTTP/2 Profile (Client) -> http2)

1. oneconnect disabled and HTTP MRF Router enabled

2. oneconnect enabled and HTTP MRF Router disabled

3. both disabled


Thanks and BR


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