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Jun 06, 2019

HTTP/2.0 Server-Side Traffic

Hi,   As I understand it now, the HTTP/2 profile is only for client-side traffic and that any traffic sent back to the server is sent using HTTP/1.1. Does this still hold true? If so, is anyone...
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    Jun 06, 2019

    "In BIG-IP 11.6.0, F5 introduces HTTP/2 protocol support as defined in RFC7540 for processing client-side HTTP/2 traffic. The support for server-side HTTP/2 traffic processing is introduced in BIG-IP 14.1.0; the webacceleration and OneConnect profiles are not supported in HTTP/2 full proxy mode in this version. In BIG-IP 15.0.0, F5 introduces the support for webacceleration profile in HTTP/2 full proxy mode."