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Jun 29, 2012

http to https rewrite stream

Hi Everyone,



I have a pair of IIS 7 webservers behind our LTM. I'm doing SSL offload in the LTM. On the webservers, our developer put a recaptcha DLL on the servers that automatically detect whether or not you're using SSL and then communicate with the recaptcha servers using http or https appropriately. Since we're doing SSL offload in the LTM, this program detects that there is no certificate so it insists on using http, which in effect causes the typical "some of this content is not secure" messages in everyone's browsers. There apparently is no way to force this DLL to use https. So, I thought I'd use the following stream:






Before I do this, is this right? Is there a better way to do it? Should I be doing it in a catch-all like this or more specific to the recaptcha traffic only? I'm using 10.2.4 HF3.








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  • Thanks for the link. I tried the iRule method instead of the stream profile. It works but when it's enabled, images stop showing up on my website. I found this link for rechunking:





    but it has no effect. Any ideas?








  • It works but when it's enabled, images stop showing up on my image url rewritten correctly?



    have you used http analyzer? it may be useful.