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Sep 01, 2009


I get this errors from two configurations:


Error Message: http_process_state_prepend - Invalid action EV_INGRESS_DATA during ST_HTTP_PREPEND_HEADERS


I know about the SOL5922 but is there a way of tracking the errors or tcpdump is the only option?


Ideally I would liek to grab an error with an iRule to try to reproduce it.


Is that possible?

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  • Hi Lipos,



    As this is probably an issue with the boundaries of the HTTP data, I'd guess that you'd need to use TCP commands to collect the payloads and try to inspect the HTTP headers and correlate that with the payloads. If it is possible, I'm guessing it wouldn't be easy. A tcpdump would probably be the best option for troubleshooting the issue.



    Maybe someone else has better ideas on this though...