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Jul 01, 2014

http_process_state_prepend - Invalid Action:0x109010

We're trying to implement OwnCloud in our environment, and I've developed a few iRules to handle some of the work , but we've run into an issue when trying to download files. The connection keeps getting reset and the file doesn't come down. I think it gets part of the file (a little bit more each time you try), but continuously fails with the message http_process_state_prepend - Invalid action:0x109010.

my iRule disables the ACCESS profile (ACCESS::disable) when there is no currently valid session for certain url's that don't need authentication, and uses a Client Initiated forms SSO setup on the root path for the login page.

I know it's not a lot of information, but I would appreciate any light that could be shined on this issue 🙂

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