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Aug 18, 2011

HTTP Class problem

We host three websites that uses the same URL, and relies on the URI to redirect to the appropriate pool.


All the nodes in the pools are added using different ports, 83,84,85



I configured this using three HTTP classes.





Match URI path */empoyer/*


send to pool employer-pool_83





Match URI path */customers/*


send to pool customers-pool_84






Match URI path */start/*


send to pool start-pool_85



There is also a default pool to send any URI to the pool employer-pool_83



so when someone goes to (or any of the other URIs) it works fine, the HTTP class redirectes to the correct pool.



The poblem i have is that when someone goes to the page that gets displayed is



I have no idea why it goes to the customers page, i would of though it would go to the default pool which is the employer pool. No matter what i do on the LTM i can't change the page redirecting to when someone goes to either or



Any thoughts on this? I'm at a loss.


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  • I would recommend that you remove the http-class-2 and then see what happens with that same traffic.



    To me it almost sounds like your web developers are issuing a redirect of their own off of your homepage or something like that. On the web server was is the default page configured as?