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Apr 05, 2022

HSTS for ADFS Load Balancer

I'm using BIGIP LTM as a load balancer for two ADFS servers as part of a hybrid Exchange deployment.  I need to enable HSTS on the load balancer virtual server.  Enabling HSTS requires an SSL profile, however the load balancer is currently configured as "Type: Performance (Layer 4)" which uses SSL pass-through and does not support SSL profiles.  Is it possible to change the server type, enable an SSL profle, and enable HSTS without breaking my ADFS deployment?

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  • Hi jwittenmyer,

    even though the iApp for ADFS is deprecated, you can still follow the archived deployment guide. The config parameters and values described in Appendix A: Manual Configuration tables are still applicable.
    Your use case is described in the chapter named Configuring the BIG-IP LTM for load balancing AD FS or AD FS proxy servers: SSL Bridging.

    From my memory - pay attention to the server name in the serverssl profile. ADFS requires SNI.


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    Why is the header not always delivered indepentent of the entpoint? Basicly the URL delivers a webpage with status code 200.

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