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Jul 28, 2011

how to persist with cookie and improve rand() performance

Hi,dear irule


I have a pool test which has 10 pool members


1:when client visit this VS,if traffic go to node1 ,need to insert a cookie to it,during the same session,all request from has this cookie will be sent to the same node



how to achieve this?can some one give me an example of this?



2:according to test on rand(),I found rand() has bad performance than the irule without rand(),do anyone has idea how to improve it?



pls help me...


I need to use this in production


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  • This is the same as what you are trying to ask in this thread: ?
  • yes,the same,


    I saw u didn't reply me in the old,so think u has forgot it



    and I create a new one,so u can see it