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Apr 18, 2017

how to load balance outbound traffic with ltm based on the destination server hostname

We have a scenario like below.


We have two ISP links , we want to send the traffic for the office365 via a single ISP and everyother outbound traffic via other link.


Can we achieve this by logic


if http_request host:uri contains office, route the traffic to one ISP if not to other ISP.


Am using the default gateway on F5 as pool which contains both the routers.


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  • Dear,


    How about creating two different virtual servers.


    One for all ports with associating a Pool with all the next hop router IP Addresses. and other with port 80 and associating with HTTP profile and irule to forward the traffic to a pool with single ISP if the url has office360 else, send it to pool with all the ISP routers IP addresses.


    Please let me know the result.




    Mohammed Shiraz


  • Hi,


    really hard to do because most of outgoing connection to o365 are SSL.


    you can try with Brad's irule to make a LB decision based on SSL server name header